Blazor and page parameters

A third tip. About reusing current page instance when links targets to it (possibly with different parameters).

Blazor is an experimental Web UI framework from Microsoft. There are plenty of posts about so I'm not going to describe it and I'm directly heading to my topic.

Today I was implementing URL update when month is selected in Money summary.

Money Summary

Idea is that when a user selects a tab, it updates the URL, and when he navigates back and forward, it works like the "web".

Money Summary

I was scared to use a standard link, because I though that it will re-render the whole page.

This page consists of a query for loading a list of tabs (months) and a query to load tab content (month summary). I did not wanted to load list of months, because they are right there, alread loaded.

By a mistake I created a standard link and passed click on it to the Blazor. And nothing happend. After a while I found that I was loading data in OnInitAsync and that this method wasn't invoked.

So I tried to move data loading into OnParametersSetAsync and it started to work! When a page links to itself, Blazor doesn't create a new instance of page/component, it reuses the current one and passes it a new set of parameters.

A small bug

There is a small bug the current version (v0.6.0) which is tracked in aspnet/blazor#1108. The parameters are not cleared when they are not present in a new link. Let's show it on a sample. I have two routes in the summary page:

@page "/"
@page "/{Year}/{Month}"

A second one bind parameters to codebehind properties:

protected string Year { get; set; }

protected string Month { get; set; }

When a user navigates to a link with paramters set (eg. /2018/10) and than to a link without them (eg. /), Blazor doesn't clear values from Year and Month properties. A current workaround is to clear these properties before parameter binding.

public override void SetParameters(ParameterCollection parameters)
    // Clear previous parameter values.
    Year = null;
    Month = null;


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Posted on 2018-11-05
Written by Maraf