Our projects!

Apps, libs & tools that helps during every day (developer) life.

We have developed some libraries that simplifies our development and these libraries are mainly opensourced at GitHub.

These projects are coded in C# and starts with extensions for System.Core, goes through extensible Converters, Formatters to complex features like CQRS and EventSourcing.

We use GitHub for hosting source codes and release information at github.com/neptuo.

Production ready binaries are than hosted on NuGet and development binaries can be found on MyGet feed.

As we love Visual Studio, this section contains some extensions. These extensions currently can't be installed from standart Visual Studio gallery, instead are placed int the public MyGet Feed.

To compare mobile platforms we have tried also Android OS and we have developed Vocabulary App.

Currently the list of applications for Windows is splitted between this site and the old one.

There you can find some applications for extending experience with Windows OS (like WinRun, WindowsDock and Solution Runner or standart desktop applications (like MediaLibrary).

These applications are written in .NET, so requires it installed on your machine.

Here applications we use for creating web presentations and small web applications.

The Template Engine is currently under design and development as a next-generation CMS with low network needs and fast javascript rendering.

With Windows 10 'Universal Windows Platform' came where applications can be developed once and run everywhere (after compiling for that platform).

Our first application in the category can be used as a WebCam server-client for taking photos and downloading them to the clients.