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This extension for GitExtensions adds a list of Visual Studio solution files and VS code workspaces contained in the repository.

Version history

  • v5.0.0
    • #23 - Upgrade to GitExtensions-v3.5.0.
  • v4.2.1
    • Fixed search performance (credits @MISTikus).
  • v4.2.0
    • Support for opening VSCode workspaces (credits @MISTikus).
  • v4.1.0
    • Open settings from 'Plugins-> Solution Runner` menu (credits @pmiossec).
    • Specify output encoding when searching for solution files (credits @pmiossec).
  • v4.0.0
    • Upgrade to GitExtensions-v3.3.1.
    • Optimize loading time (credits @IEVin).
  • v3.0.0
    • Support for GitExtensions-v3.2.1.
  • v2.0.0
    • Support for GitExtensions-v3.1.
  • v1.2.0
    • Access key (alt+u) for main menu item and first solution name letter for items.
  • v1.1.0
    • Optimize search time.
    • Configuration for defining which executable to start by clicking on solution file.
  • v1.0.0
    • Git Extensions main menu item with list of solution files inside current repository.