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Keyboard-only designed application for simple and fast opening of Visual Studio solution files. Configuration takes single folder where to look for *.sln files with the option to set prefered Visual Studio version installed on your computer and global (Windows wide) shortcut.

After setting required configuration, main window will open. Here you can filter solution files from your hard drive and manage favourite ones. By pressing enter, you run a new instance of selected Visual Studio version with the selected solution.

When global hotkey is set, the application is only minimized after opening the solution. So, to update it must first kill it from process list.

To start the application after sign in to the Windows, simple create shortcut in startup folder. We are currentling implementing this as feature, along with minimized startup.

Version history

  • v2.0.0
    • #63 - Distribution through Microsoft Store.
    • #101 - Running on .NET 5.
    • #104 - Import and Export statistics.
  • v1.12.0
    • #100 - Show preview in VS name.
    • #99 - Save JSON config intended.
    • #96 - Add VS command to start Updater.
    • #97 - High DPI support.
    • #95 - Custom icon for applications.
    • #94 - Option to hide console window when starting application.
  • v1.11.0
    • Start experimental instance of Visual Studio.
    • Add keyboard shortcut for running empty instance.
    • Add VS Code installed in user profile.
    • Fixed single instance running check.
  • v1.10.2
    • Fixed finding Vistual Studio v15.9.5 and higher.
  • v1.10.1
    • Fixed getting stucked when global hotkey and "Dismiss after loosing focus" and "red X" button main windows is clicked.
  • v1.10.0
    • It is quite possible that you would need to unistall previous version and install new one, because our server moved to HTTPS.
    • Added additional command to all Visual Studios (and Code) which runs new instance as administrator.
    • Added complex logging. We can now view logs for each query, etc.
    • Configuration is moved from ClickOnce internal storage to custom JSON file. Path can be change in configuration window.
    • Solution Runner can search during initialization. There is cache of files available from previous run which is used during file system scanning.
    • Fixed non-deterministic order for two pinned solution files with a same name (but different path).
    • Fixed searching for x64 version of Visual Studio Code.
    • Fixed minor version resolution for Visual Studio.
  • v1.9.0
    • Added a light theme.
    • Added an option to show a little badge after solution name with count of projects in the solution file.
    • Additional application can now contain additional commands. These are Alt + Key1 + Key2 extensions to the additional application.
    • Added visualization of an application hotkey when Alt is pressed.
  • v1.8.0
    • Added automatic detection of Visual Studio Code. It is treated as main application which can be hidden from a configuration window.
    • Configuration properties are splitted into tabs.
    • A better control for picking additional application path. From plain textbox to file picker with support for manual path setting.
    • Statistics are grouped by year and month, with overview for each year and global counts.
    • Each additional application can has hotkey which starts the application in combination with Alt.
    • Prefered application is now picked from dropdown containing main and additional applications.
    • All windows, except the main one, has standard windows border and controls.
  • v1.7.0
    • Added context menu for tray-icon.
    • Added support for select minimal VS version for auto selecting VS version feature.
    • Added support for hiding VS versions.
    • Fix crashing after filling invalid or not accessible root path and added exception logging.
  • v1.6.3
    • Fix crashes caused by IO exception while enumerating new directory.
    • Added support for VS2017 which has different installation path format.
  • v1.6.2
    • Fix showing a directory in the list when directory with dot in a name is added.
  • v1.6.1
    • Changing tray-icon when initializing and displaying intermediate progress bar on task bar.
    • Fix missing file after moving it with parent directory.
    • Fix hiding main window after loosing focus if opened by tray-icon.
    • Fix reseting main window state and position after opening using tray-icon.
  • v1.6.0
    • Added support for counting application and file statistics with classic pie chart view.
    • Searching is now instant. Removed delay between typing and actual searching.
    • Added help popup for a first time setup.
    • Added support for defining custom initial window position.
    • Added option for displaying tray-icon. Clicking a tray-icon brings a window to front.
    • File system is scanned in the background. It is also reloaded only when source directory is changed, not on every configuration save.
    • Improved mode with no hotkey. Application is shown on the task bar and doesn't close after running application.
    • Added tooltips containing full path for solution files and applications.
    • Added Ctrl+C and Ctrl+Shift+C commands for copying application path and file path.
    • Added hover effect for applications and files.
  • v1.5.0
    • Added support for starting after login to the Windows.
    • Added message displaying current application status (initializing, searching, 'nothing found', etc).
    • Added options for shortening display path to found solution files. It can whole path, directory path or last directory name.
    • Fix: Missing favorite items after deleting all text.
  • v1.4.0
    • Added support for custom application defined in the configuration window.
    • Added configuration option to enable auto selecting Visual Studio version according to the solution file version.
    • Fix: Duplicated entries after renaming directory.
  • v1.3.0
    • Double click on the application starts new instance without file.
    • Added support for Home and End navigation keys in the list of solution files.
    • Added support for hiding/closing main window after loosing focus/deactivating.
    • Dropped throtling delay when showing pinned files for empty search.
    • Added support for saving last used application as prefered.
    • Added detection of single running instance.
    • Fix: Double click on item opens the file like pressing enter.
    • Fix: Color of a file path in the selected item.
  • v1.2.0
    • Extend searching in contains mode to support space separated tokens that are matched in the whole solution path.
  • v1.1.0
    • Configuration property for suggestion count.
    • Configuration property for searching by 'StartsWith' or 'Contains'.
    • Added command line parameter '--hidden' for starting application hidden.
    • Configuration property whether to save or not last searched phrase.
    • Fix: Selecting first suggested item when this one is the only one.
  • v1.0.0
    • Favourite solution list.
    • Global hotkey.

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