Our services!

We are offering complete coding of desktop+web applications

Syndre Holding Company s.r.o. www.syndre.com

  • Web presentation, four language versions.
  • Modern single page layout.
  • Content management system is4wfw.

ATELIER SAEM, s.r.o. www.saem.cz

  • Web presentation, two language versions.
  • Static content management, several article lines s image management, custom forms for managing employes, map etc, file system management.
  • Content management system is4wfw.

ZŠ, ZUŠ Libochovice www.skolylibochovice.cz

  • Web presentation, single language version, graphics from previous version.
  • Two completely separated webs in single instance.
  • Users divided into several groups with different privileges to the individual webs.
  • Static content management, several article lines, inquiry (poll) management, file system management (according to user privileges).
  • Content management system is4wfw.

ASK Lovosice www.lfplovosice.cz

  • Web presentation including graphics.
  • Custom management for static content and articles, including privilege check according to membership to each team.
  • Management for photogallery for each team.
  • Content management system is4wfw.

Superliga LFP www.superligalfp.cz

  • Web presentation including graphics.
  • Several article lines.
  • Use of the sport library for storing match statistics, tables and (florball) player statistics. History from 2010.
  • Content management system is4wfw.

HotProject www.hotproject.cz

  • Web presentation, single language version.
  • Graphics outsourced.
  • Custom management for static content and photogallery.
  • Content management system is4wfw.

And some older projects